What We Do

  • What We Do

    Thinking about buying a home of your own or starting your own business can be as confusing and stressful as it is exciting. What if there was someone who would be your partner from start to finish – an expert with your best interests at heart – working to make sure you have everything you need to make smart decisions?

    NE SOUTH DAKOTA COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM INC dba GROW SD is all that and more. As a nonprofit, one-stop shop for you, our mission is to find you the best possible options that's right for you. 

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  • Down Payment Closing Cost Assistance (DPA)

    • What is DPA?

    • What can I expect when I sign up for DPA?

    • How do I get started?

  • Homebuyer Education

    • What is Homebuyer Education?

    • What can I expect when I engage with a Homebuyer Education counselor?

    • How do I get started?

  • Home Mortgage Lending

    • What is Home Mortgage Lending?

    • How long does it take to be approved for a Home Mortgage Loan?

    • How do I get started?

  • Emergency Services

    • What are Emergency Services?

    • Have you been financially impacted DUE to COVID-19?

    • How do I get started?

  • Business Lending

  • GROW South Dakota currently does not offer Reverse Mortgage/HECM Counseling.

  • LIEAP Furnace Repair/Replacement Services

    • What is LIEAP Furnace Repair/Replacement Services?

    • What do I need to know when I apply?

    • How do I get started?

  • Weatherization

    • What is Weatherization?

    • What can I expect with the weatherization process?

    • How do I get started?